There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


New gig

I’m working on an exciting new project – that hopefully will end up being a new TV show on BBC!


A friend of mine is producing a ‘sizzle reel’ – what is sent to the studio for them to decide on whether or not to fund the show.  Without revealing too much about the show, I can tell you it involves virtual reality.  


I’m putting a lot of work into the project, and it is quite enjoyable.  I’ve been adding footage, music, sound effects, virtual reality scenes all painstakingly rendered, and I even made a super fancy 3D title screen (very high quality, like Netflix TV show quality).  Or maybe I’m just a fan of my own work lol.


I wish I could post a link to the reel here!


Wish me luck!




morte on
Re: New gig

good luck and good thoughts!  

k10 on
Re: New gig

Sounds interesting. Good luck!

videogames on
Re: New gig

That sounds really neat. Knock it out of the park! Best of luck

deeterz on
Re: New gig

Good luck! I bet it will do great! ^_^

c4fine13u22 on
Re: New gig

Good luck! I look forward to seeing it after it get’s picked up!

chri on
Re: New gig

Yay!!! 😀😀

chri on
Re: New gig

sounds exciting!  hope its going well for u 👍👍😀😀


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