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Inviting more users

Ready for some more activity on the site?


I’m now e-mailing a bunch more old users today and tomorrow (Sun/Mon), and after that I will have the system keep inviting them very slowly but surely over the next few months.  Or thereabouts.  Why?  Because I want us to grow carefully, with purpose, and direction.  I love this community and want to maintain quality over quantity.  Let’s grow at a pace that is right for us.


Somewhat impressively, MindSay has almost 189,000 users.  All of which were created over six years ago; account creation was shut off in March of 2010.  I don’t know any website with such a funny history or story.  <3


Anyway, there are many duplicate e-mail addresses in that list, quite a few marked as unsubscribed, some accounts marked deleted, some marked as spam, and some e-mails have been marked as bouncing or inactive.  That leaves 70,868 users with unique e-mail addresses.  


I could, for example, invite the original “4400” users back (picking that number just because there is a cool TV show about 4400 people randomly showing up next to a lake) this weekend, then 500 people a day for the next 132 days or so.  Or whatever rate feels right for our community at the time.  I’m going to add a status bar at the top of the site so you can watch the progress, including who the most recent user to get invited back was ;)



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rv1501 on
Re: Inviting more users



We need some “new” faces around here.


If ya need more “dead” users, just use the “30+ days”

on my user list. I’d like to see many of them back here

and active again. ”Wendy” was always “interesting”

and had one of the largest user lists I know of.

cas on
Re: Inviting more users

Very nice, I like!

test101 on
Re: Inviting more users


eje224 on
Re: Inviting more users

This survey confuses me; there’s no way there are 70,000+ people  on this, right?

dustball on
Re: Inviting more users

There were, over time, in the past.


The actual number, right now, is 43 people logged in in the last 24 hours. 

deeterz on
Re: Inviting more users

I think the system has stalled out. It has been on “lokipunk” and 10.95% for the last two days.

Unless that was intentional, in which case everything is going well. 

dustball on
Re: Inviting more users

It totally did.  I was waiting for someone to mention that!


Amazon suspended my ability to send mail using their SES platform due to high bounce rates.  Because the e-mail addresses are so old, more than 10% of them bounce which causes problems, because it makes you look more like a spammer.  I’ve taken steps to correct but it is a process to get ability restored from Amazon.  And they haven’t had much humour or flexibility in their dealings with me on this matter.  Somewhat disappointed actually.  Oh well.


deeterz on
Re: Inviting more users

That’s a pain! 

YouTube also does shit like that. 

deeterz on
Re: Inviting more users

I see it is working again! Woo!

BoboBegone on
Re: Inviting more users

Yeah I was thinking there are probably MANY of the emails that are long time dead ones.

remuslupin on
Re: Inviting more users

I’m here!

mylittlemonkey on
Re: Inviting more users

Glad to see the site coming back!  Ive been slowly coming back (mostly mom brain forgetting to post) but i WILL be very active now that our community is coming back together!!!


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