There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Today I'm off from work. I thought about going to see my grandparents but I think I'm gonna just have a me day instead. Which I'll aim to include: 

Making my first follow up phone call on a job application ever, at least one of these, if not 2. My boyfriend said that if I ever want to actually get a new job, I need to get used to doing these. 

Build a bomb Victorian house on Sims 4.

Clean out my pantry so I can get rid of these damn little bugs I have from flour that was left in there too long.

Buy some new guitar strings so I can restring my backpacker which has never seen a fresh string since it rolled out of the manufacturer three years ago.

Do a load of laundry. Auuuuuugggghhhhh.

Make something healthy and tasty for dinner.

Watch I Love You Man tonight. I've only seen it,once but I remember it was truly laugh out loud hilarious.




almost23 on
Re: Wednesday

I Love You Man is one of my go-to movies for…… well, everything. LOVE that movie.

divine on
Re: Wednesday

It’s definitely joined the ranks of my all time favorites, which also includes Rat Race (the new one) and Orange County!


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