There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



At my age of 28, as of this date, my mother’s life situation was … that she had already been married for about 6 years, she had a 5 year old daughter (my older sister who is currently in rehab), had been separated from her alcoholic husband for 2 years, had a new 4 month old baby (me), and her husband had just killed himself a week earlier. 


I can’t imagine going through any of that right now in my life. Sure, those were different times… but the nature of the human heart is the same. 




All I can say is, life’s not that bad. Practicing gratitude. 


Happy Friday. 




morte on
Re: Retrospect

i think about my life like this, too. usually in terms of my grandmother's life. 

at 23, she was once divorced, with two children. by my age, she was twice divorced, with a kids in high school.

but! she didn't start her business until after i was born, which means she was 35 before she even had any clue what she wanted to do, or how to do it  


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