There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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That old depression is slowly trying to wiggle it'd way into the forefront of my life. It was there on vacation but really really far in the background, and has mostly stayed there since my return from vacation over 2 weeks ago. But this morning I woke to my first conscious thought being, "Oh god, another fucking day? How long am I gonna have to do I have to do this shit for?" 


I'm gonna try and refocus my energy. That job,interview took the strength out of me. I didn't feel like it went that great, but I really need a new job, really need to get,out of my current work situation, but feeling like I don't interview well takes all that drive and hope away. But I made myself a goal: to NOT hit the 6 year anniversary with my company that I have coming up on August 2nd. That gives me 3 months to get a new job and/or get this business off the ground. I don't think I can pour all my energy into both, so I have to decide. It would be hard to start this business with a job that has regular working hours. It helps that I work,mostly nights right now. So maybe I'll take the bigger risk and focus on the small business...





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