There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Phone interview went ok, I guess. Ended sort of awkwardly. I’m always awkward at ending conversations, even with family, so … that should have been expected, I guess. I sort of seem to run out of steam as an interview goes on. As soon as I feel like I said something stupid or something, I just sort of get this internal sense of like “well, that fucks that up so fuck this whole thing” and it knocks the wind out of me. 

The lady on the phone who conducted the interview sounded like she already had a pretty long day herself, too. 




I think I’ll be better at interviews once I’m interviewing for positions I’m actually well qualified for and confident about. I got my current job because it was my first job interview ever and I was just so excited and enthusiastic, I’m pretty sure he hired me on that basis alone, as well as the fact that I seemed well put together for a restaurant job. So that’s what put me at my current job for so long. 


I need to get my ass going again on just doing my own business until I finish my Master’s in Public Health, then get a job in that arena using the knowledge I got from my education and internships. If I KNOW what I’m going for, I know I can do well. But these random jobs for like… an administrative position… I have no passion for that, and I’m TERRIBLE at faking emotions. 


Time to make some business cards and apply for a licence. I need to just get my ass out there and start building up that small side business I mentioned in the past. I just don’t have the personality for this shit. 


I’ll seriously be totally shocked if I get called for a 2nd, in-person interview. 


<3 Peace. 





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