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… is it practically impossible to find a place that offers diaphragms as a fucking birth control option??


I realize it’s not the best ever birth control option, but I’m NOT taking artificial hormones or putting some metal shit in my body for years on end to get rusty up in there or using shitty condoms that feel like I’m having sex with a fucking … unwrapped sausage. I just want a non-hormonal option that I can use to supplement my use of Fertility Awareness Method! But I’m asking too much. 




cactusofdoom on
Re: Why...

I think the copper IUD to which you refer has been found to be one of the safest non-hormonal birth control methods. Copper doesn’t get rusty Iron does. I’m not sure what you’ve read about it though but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the least-obtrusive methods out there.

divine on
Re: Why...

It is one of the safest, youre right. I actually did a ton of research for weeks and was about to get one about two years ago now, i guess. I talked to my doctor about it twice pretty in depth, talked to friends and family, researched, etc. In the end, i decided against it. It is fairly safe, but there are some pretty bad things that can go wrong IF anything does go wrong. Personally, im not comfortable with taking risks like that with my body and reproductive system, even if the chances are low, and especially when i have better options. Also, i couldnt get over the fact that doctors cant really explain how the hell it works. Yeah, it spazses out the sperm or whatever, they have all these explanations… but none of them REALLY explains it. Also i cant get over the fact that its this metal thing inside this particluar part of my body that is built to support life, and honestly what i gather the reason behind its effectiveness to essentially be is that it irritates the uterus so much that shit cant survive in there. It basically just fucks shit up in there and… well no shit, you can't get pregnant. Yeah, its “safe”, but its just repulsuve to me at a gut level, what its doing to the body while its in there in order to “protect” me from pregnancy, that i just couldn't go through with it. In my gut, it doesnt seem right. I feel like its… abusive to the body, and this really, to me, sensitive part that i just feel protective of i guess. Also please excuse the crappy punctuatuon etc, im on my tablet, and its late at night. 

divine on
Re: Why...

Also i dont mean my use of the word abusive to be offensive, i just cant think of a better word. I dont judge people that get them. Everyone has what works for them and thats great, but this in particluar just does not work for me.

cactusofdoom on
Re: Why...

That’s all a pretty reasonable explanation. And IS really weird that it’s hard to find a diaphragm. Sure it’s a little retro but I wouldn’t think it would be an arduous task. Weird. Reproductive care in this country is fucked up.

insanereid on
Re: Why...

I have the copper IUD. Its conveinent. Not a bad form of BC if you need nonhormonal. I've experienced a slight discomfort but apparently that's because my uterus is tilted backwards? I'll admit its gotten better over the months.

The office I went to mentioned diaphrams while discussing other options for me. I think you're only a few hrs away from me if I recall correctly. Is there a Monroe Clinic in your area? I'm not sure how far they branch out.

divine on
Re: Why...

At one point is was seriously considering getting one and nearly booked an appointment. I honestly wish i could feel comfortable with the idea of having one, because they seem like such a PERFECT solution to my needs, but for whatever reasons i just dont. its like a gut instinct i just cant get past. Anyway, im going to look into the clinic you suggested. Thanks!


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