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Every night my kitchen light goes out. It starts to flicker at first, then it eventually flickers off and never turns back on… so I have to turn on these other, dimmer lights I have in my kitchen, which is where my computer is at and where I spend a lot of my time in the evenings. 


Then, in the morning, I wake up and flick the light on and – it comes back on! It’s been going on for like a week now. 


So strange.




insanereid on

Maybe the bulb is just holding on with everything its got! Its just old and needs some rest. Lol

divine on

You may be right! This whole house is old and needs rest, so I don’t blame the poor bulb for not wanting to burn the midnight oil with me

saikotikgunman on

Ballast overheating in a fluorescent fixture?

divine on

It’s an LED bulb, so I don’t think so. Maybe an electrical wiring thing?

saikotikgunman on

LED bulbs have built in circuitry that can go bad. 


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