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Just Waiting
for my period to start.

I've been feeling nauseas randomly throughout the day, and twice during the nighttime and in the morning after waking up. My period is now two days late. Granted, though, it hasn't been terribly regular lately anyway... But still. I haven't even been having my typical PMS symptoms, which, again, ARE sometimes practically (but very rarely - by which I mean like a couple times a year, at most) non-existent. The PMS symptoms I know myself to have are breast tenderness, depression, tiredness, lower back aches, and cravings for salty foods. I don't get all of these every month, save for the lower back aches. But that doesn't help me with predicting my period since I almost always get it the day OF my period starting. The last several months I have been getting moody before my period, and by "moody" I mean depressed and irritable(annoyed), although not aggravated(angry). Typically, since I started my period when I was 13, I'm not a "moody" PMSer.

I took an at-home pregnancy test today during my break from a double shift at work, and tested negative. I met with a friend for lunch after taking the test/a shower for my second shift. When I saw her I plaid an awful joke where I told her the test was positive. The look on her face for the two seconds I let her believe this was priceless, but I felt a little bad. :P I'm taking another test first thing in the morning, just to be sure.

This second scare has me getting serious about being responsible about birth-control. If I do indeed end up getting my period (and, well, either way, obviously), Jeff and I are going to have to have a good, in-depth conversation about a few things. We've talked a bit already, of course, but there's more to clear up and come to agreements/understanding on. But back to being more responsible:  I downloaded an app today on my phone to keep track of my period and fertility etc. using these methods ( That, combined with coitus interrupts (hehe) and condoms should help me feel a lot less anxious come around this time every month. 

I'm hungry. Had a FANTASTIC steak lunch today. My friend talks too much, though. 


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cas on
Re: Just Waiting
I'm glad you blogged about it because I didn't want to. Going through the same thing right now. I was convinced I'm spotting (random 5 day early appearance of my period, highly unlikely for me, thought it was implantation bleeding?). I wish I could take birth control more seriously but my periods are so sparse I would almost welcome a pregnancy. Yes and no.

I've always found that focusing on it makes it more late. This is the first month in many that I haven't thought about my period, so maybe it came on time for once since I wasn't concerned in the least.
divine on
Re: Just Waiting
What do you do right now for birth control, besides pulling out? (Which I think you mentioned in a comment on a post I made previously about this same topic.) Anything? Any experience with the pill?

Hope yours shows up! It's three days late now for me. 
In fact, I felt nauseas again last night as I was laying down to sleep. I'd eaten a big meal about two hours earlier, and tried to hope maybe it had something to do with that... :/ 

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