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I’m watching Mulan, and picturing the conversation Mulan’s parents had after everyone got back from the matchmaker’s at the beginning of the movie.


Mulan’s Dad: “So… How’d it go?”

Mulan’s Mom: “Not well.”

Mulan’s Dad: “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad!”

Mulan’s Mom: “She lit the matchmaker on fire!”

Mulan’s Grandma: “And drew a mustache on her face! I wonder how she did that?”

Mulan’s Dad: *Long Pause* “I see” *pours himself a cup of liquor*



Really though, this is by far my favorite disney movie. I love how great the animation is. At the beginning of the movie Mulan does really seem like a young girl, but by the end she is a total badass… and the change occurs so naturally. 


Just look here, where she’s refusing to talk to her dad because she’s super upset about what happened. That is some authentic looking teenage sadness right there. 




mystupidmouth on
Re: Mulan

I love this movie, too. Mulan really is a badass. It’s been on Hulu for a couple of months and I’ve watched it like 3 times. The music is also spectacular. 


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