There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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The damn bitch ate half of my peach cobbler. 


We are finding a new roommate, then kicking her out.




Millenia on

Don’t mess with your sleep or eat your foods!

deeterz on

and now she’s messed up my plans, because before I could even talk about the cobbler she was all “yeah, i’ve decided I just need to live alone”.

And then, when I brought it up, she was all “I must’ve been pretty drunk, because I don’t remember”

For fuck’s sake.

And she’s leaving the 1st of May, and won’t pay for the 30 days like the lease says.


Millenia on

Small claims court? She sounds psycho.

deeterz on

It would be the biggest hassle, plus (like you can already tell) she’s totally psycho. She knows where we live, she’d probably randomly bash windows and key cars just to fuck with us.

morte on

holy hell. i might murder someone over pie. 

deeterz on

I still might

cornholio23 on

you can hurt my pride, you can beat me up, you can call me names. 



But don’t touch my fucking cobbler. 

deeterz on

We all have our limits ;-)


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