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I’m legit 100% terrified of tornadoes.

I honestly may not live anywhere other than Albuquerque because of this. It’s surrounded by mountains so it’s nearly impossible to get a sustained tornado. Every decade or so one will actually touch down, but it doesn’t last long at all. 

Even in southern NM we’d get them sometimes. When I lived in Texas when I was super young we’d get them all the time, though. I apparently once completely slept through a tornado as a toddler, it destroyed a house down the street and blew out the windows in our house. I woke up and was super freaked out.

Honestly, that’s probably why I have so many tornado nightmares.


Ugh, so freakin scary.




divine on

I am totally right there with you – I hate them. I’m from California but my family lived in east Texas for a few years when I was small and I remember us having them a few times, though one never came as close as what you described where your windows blew out. We had a huge F4 come very close to us a couple years ago where i currently live in IL, and that has scarred me for life. Now any time there’s so much as a storm with wind or even the slightest threat of a tornado I get so freaked out I can barely function. DX 

deeterz on

I’m both glad I”m not alone in this, and sad that you have to go through the same thing! Do you get random nightmares about tornadoes, too?

divine on

I’ve had two or three since the F4 tornado incident I mentioned. 

I don’t think I’d be so terribly terrified if I lived somewhere that I could feel at least somewhat safe. But I live on the 2nd floor with just an attic above me, and my studio apartment has a TON of windows in it, so there’s not really a safe place for me to go in a tornado. Even my bathroom is on the outside of the building and has 2 large windows. There’s a basement, but someone lives there. If there were a tornado, I guess I could go bang on their door – but I can’t figure out which door in the back of the house is theirs, and I don’t think they speak English very well, otherwise I’d go knock on their door and introduce myself and ask if it’d be okay for me to hunker down in an emergency lmao. Yeah, that’s how pathetically desperate I am. The university near my house has a library with basement bathrooms that are probably the safest place in town in a storm, that or the stairwells in the same buildling. I’ve actually gone there a couple times on nights when there’s been tornado threats, and just hung out reading… luckily the library is open late since it’s a college campus...

Yeah, i’ve thought about this a lot…. sadly.


deeterz on

that just means you will be more prepared and safer if one happens!

mystupidmouth on

Completely agree. When I was young, my mom’s parents lived in Oklahoma (OKC area) One time we went to visit them, and we had to pull over under an underpass because the weather got so bad and there was a big thunderhead. I watched a tornado touch down and I have probably never been so scared in my life. It was small and just in the middle of a field, but it was terrifying. I still have tornado nightmares sometimes too. There was one tornado in Lubbock in I want to say the 70s that was huge and super destructive. We’ve never had another one here since then. But there are occasional tornadoes where I’m about to move


Also NEVER watch the movie Twister. I did once when I was a teenager and it was horrible. I was like WHY DID I DO THAT TO MYSELF? 

deeterz on

Duude, my parents loved that movie so I’ve seen it more than once. Ugh, terrible! 

I’m pretty sure that the only way I could ever live for any period of time in Texas is if my bedroom is underground. I’d never be able to sleep otherwise!

divine on

The fact that it’s hard to build basements in TX due to the clayey soil is one reason I won’t move there again, even though my boyfriend keeps pushing for it!


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