Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts.


This is bulshit!
It was good while it lasted. I first started it November 16th of last year until January 17th, 2006

My time over at Cody's has ended, someone seen me going there on the 17th and told my mom yesterday. So I guess were only going to be seeing each other at school. His parents not letting us hang out, and my parents finding out about the morning thing.

You know I just want a normal relationship, were after school you go with the person at hung out, go to the library to do homework, hang out and watch movies, take walks around town, go to the movies, do something fun. But while I'm in this relationship its never going to happen. We are no more then little kids in 4th grade thinking were going out but only get to see eachother at school.




ingenue on
Re: This is bulshit!
I'm sorry this happened to you. I used to sneak around a lot too and I had to lie a thousand times just to get away with my secret hang-outs.
I understand you want to have a normal relationship and have the best time with Cody... problem is... that your parents seem to have gotten a wrong idea about that because of your sneaking... because if you think about it, it isn't exactly a good image or something they'd be proud of.
Time fixes things... maybe in time you can invite Cody over at your place so he can get to meet your parents and befriend them.
darkangel09mcr on
Re: This is bulshit!

Yeah I guess its a teenage thing, but if I do it again my mom is telling his parents and then thats the end of Sarah and Cody.

He has met my parents many times, but now they probley hate him, because the think the whole sneaking out thing was hes idea.

UnspokenWhisper on
Re: This is bulshit!

That is bullshit. I'm sorry about you not being able to see your boyfriend, but if you ever need to talk about something, I'll be here.

You can catch me either on AIM  (ChickwithClass07 or Kittiemusic0607) or call my cell (727) 479.3750

How did your parents find out aboutt he morning thing? I mean, I know the rents have their ways of finding out, but I'm just curious...

Have a great night. <333

darkangel09mcr on
Re: This is bulshit!

Yeah will figure something out.

Cool. My cell is (740) 406-00071

Someone seen me walking there, and they new my mom so they told her. It took me forever to get her to tell me, but where my mom works at the person the delivers there bread told my mom. That stupid bread man.

You to

UnspokenWhisper on
Re: This is bulshit!
Ooh, yeah, stupid bread man. Um... is there supposed to be 3 zeros in your number or 2... ?

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