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"Dixie" Ringtone
   The other day Tracy and I were talking about how we would like to have a ringtone for our phones that played "Dixie" but we couldn't find one that we really liked, plus we are tightwads and didn't want to pay for one. I knew there were some ringtone websites where you could upload your own music and have it sent to your cellphone so I opened up my trusty "Fruity Loops" music production software and recorded the song, then uploaded it to a free site called "Myxer". Now we have "Dixie" ringtones on our phones.

   If you are a proud Southerner, or even a dang Yankee, who would like to have a "Dixie" ringtone for your phone for free, please help yourself to it. Just go to our website and scroll about half way down, and click on the "Free Dixie Ringtone" link.




Fairydustings on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone
Hey - that is awesome!  Got anymore?
countrydrive on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone
Thanks. There is a link just below that one, to some of our original song ringtones. I would like to record and add some more popular songs, but they will have to be songs that are in the "public domain". Hey, I might do some old Christmas Carols for the hollidays. Smiley
Fairydustings on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone
That would be awesome...
premierejan on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone

Yay, Dixie says the girl from Mississippi!

countrydrive on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone
Just like Faith Hill, you're a "Mississippi Girl".
premierejan on
Re: "Dixie" Ringtone
Married to a Louisiana man!

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