There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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So I have had a rough month. 

I am an objective person so let's look at the facts. 

I slept till 2 pm every weekend and averaged 2 days a week at the gym. I ate fast food on average 3.5 days a week. Here's the two facts that were most convincing for me: I either cried myself to sleep or cried when trying to convince myself to get out of bed on average 3 days a week and I also gained 10 lbs. I don't cry. And I haven't gained weight in two years. 


I then concluded that maybe it's time for a little medication. 

I talked it over with my doctor and she suggested Zoloft because she said you can just quit it you don't have to wean off it and it sounds like this is an episode thing for me not a chronic thing. I agreed... I filled the Rx.... Then I went on line.... 


Um I read a lot of reviews and I know these things sort of work different for everyone but a lot of ppl even ones who liked it had kind of scary side effects. The ppl who liked it were mostly like "it sucked at first then it was ok" ummm... That's how I'd like to remember this time in my life not the treatment for this time in my life. 


And most of them were like give it a month or two before you give up on it... Fuck.... I want a prescription because I already feel like giving the fuck up on it hahahah now I have to dig up more perseverance?!


Ironic side note I played a game w/family this weekend. They were supposed to give the title for if my life was a movie.... 

Dad titled it "The Impossible Dream" ... Mk... Didn't realize I'd set impractical goals for myself.... 

Stepmom called it "Someday she'll find him in a land far far away" ok... Sure... 


She also said the best thing about being a dog would be you can lick your butt and not feel bad bad about it so.... Yeah.... 





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xRainbows4eveRx on
Re: Anxiety

I know this probably means nothing from a stranger on the internet, but it took me years to realize I should take internet medication stories with a grain of salt, and here’s a long rambly explanation of why I feel that way:


Most people only share their negative experiences online. If someone has great success with a medication, it’s not going to cross most people’s minds to go talk about it to others. On the flipside, if someone has an awful experience, they want to complain about it, maybe ask for help, and also warn people to stay away from it. So for almost any medication you can find tons more negative experiences than positives online. Just remember that if you trust your doctor, you can trust her to take good care of you personally and to make sure the risks of the medication don’t outweigh the positives.


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