There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Soooooo I need random stranger opinions.

The dilemma:

Tinder Jay is very nice, but I am becomingly less attracted to him because of the lack of any kind of physical intimacy.

I am a VERY sexual person.

I need it.

And he hasn’t nailed anything down as a serious thing. 

I’m like 65% sure he may be a virgin, and I am just not cut out to handle that. 

Also, he wants to move, I don’t really want to move, and he wants to be in the military, I don’t want to date someone in the military. Both of my brothers are already in, I don’t need anymore of that.  


Isaac, he’s a guy that I am INSANELY attracted to; he resurfaced a couple of weeks ago. I banged him a couple of times last summer. We fucked in a hot tub last week. A FANTASTIC LAY. He’s local, and wants to stay in this area. I don’t want to put all my eggs in that basket though, unless it’s gonna be a thing. 

But I don’t want to fuck one dude, and just have an emotional relationship with another…


I am getting sucked into the dicksand right now, and I need somebody to lay a stick out so I can climb out. 





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