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Hi all,

My younger cousin passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. Today was the wake and tomorrow is the funeral. My heart is completely broken for my family & I am devastated for my aunt who shouldn’t have to be going through this again (my uncle passed ten years ago). I have such an immense love for some members of my family. I have felt very disconnected from that side of my family and that made me feel so many mixed emotions, but I do still have that love for them. I still feel very deeply for them. I wish I saw most of them more, and it’s unfortunate that these situations are the only reason we see each other, but that’s how it is. I accept that. I am angry because our family could’ve been so much different if things were different, but this is how they are, this is how some people in our family have always been & always will be and it’s a shame. I am feeling very hurt, confused and I am overall extremely sad. It’s been a stressful week and weekend. I hope my aunt can find peace, I truly do because she doesn’t deserve this loss or this pain. No parent should have to go through this.

I hope everyone is well & I hope everyone is doing okay. If you’re not, feel free to reach out (to me, to anyone). Sending you all love. Talk soon, xoxo.





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