There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Do my allergies just keep getting worse or do they just really suck every time that I think they do?


Sidenote: I really should go see an allergist. But, I probably won’t. Maybe in like the next 5-10 years, who knows.


Isla had a full-blown meltdown because she wanted to see her cousins this weekend. I told her to call her Aunt Mikala (my sister) to see what they’re up to this weekend. Turns out not much. Which I am cool with. I’d totally be down for some cousin time or auntie time. It’s just that now that Kevin has started talking to me I don’t want to be tempted to like…… ACTUALLY see him yet. (Mikala, Matt, and the kids all moved in like across the street from him and a couple houses down….. about the month after Kevin and I officially called it quits a couple of years ago. SO- it’d be inevitable we’d probably see him or his kids or all three or……. ugh. why, just why.)

Could be nice to sit down and catch up, too. WHO knows.




insanereid on

Your posts reminded me that I too get allergies. Been waking up coughing and such. Figured it was stress related. Nope. Just blooming flowers and stuff. Lol thanks for the reminder lol

If you need family time.. Go for It. If you happen to chat with an old flame.. So be it. The world is funny that way.



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