There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



Oh and also.


I have conferences two nights this week. It’s crazy not having such a large load of conferences to complete like I normally do. We just have such low numbers this year. (Which is nice for the year, but is also feeding into my possible lack of job position next year. :()


So, Mom decided to come over to be with the girls both nights. They’d be able to stay at the house themselves but they have dance and soccer which requires transporting and therefor can’t. I’m so glad she’s able to do that. Otherwise I’d have to pay for a sitter, which is just annoying. That and I just like that the girls have some extra time with her.  


I’ve made reservations for us to stay in Minneapolis this weekend which I’m rather excited about to tell you the truth. With the AAA membership discount, it’s under a hundred so that’s cool. It isn’t much but it’s at least something?!


The girls are getting pretty dang excited for the trip, that’s for sure. They’re SO excited to see Amy, too! And go see Beauty and the Beast.

Might be going to the zoo. I think there are two zoos up there and I’m not sure which one we will hit up. We’ll figure that out when the time comes. Depending on how much time we’ve got to do that. :)


Just need to get through this week and conferences!!! I’m always edgy a bit during conferences, and even more so during spring ones due to us having to discuss plans for next year. I’m a preschool teacher so one of the big topics is whether their children are ready for kindergarten next year or if “KEY (kindergarten enrichment year)” is a better route. Sometimes it’s pretty easy and parents go with what you say based on you being with them every day for the whole year and take your advice as to where their child would probably best fit. Some parents, on the other hand, just downright won’t take your suggestion. It’s difficult and hard, but I’ve learned to be a better advocate for the kids who need that extra year to grow mentally, physically, socially, and/or cognitively. I’m not one for confrontation, though. So, I’ll say my piece and I’ll give a few extra pushes for what I believe is best, but I’m not as good as a couple of my colleagues.

Although, I will say, I probably won’t have much pushing back of parents this year. One or two might be iffy/on the fence but, for the most part, I’ve got one or two on-board already with an extra year before kindergarten.


Anyway, so there’s that.


Tonight will be full of vacuuming and cleaning and laundry…. as well as getting outside with the girls! Sienna has her first soccer practice tonight. Isla and I are going on a bike ride/run. I plan on signing up (officially) for the dam to dam half marathon tonight… IF registration is open finally. I am almost positive it was within the last week or so. But so much has been going on that I’m not entirely sure… I could have it mixed up with something else.


Also!--- Sienna came up to me today to tell me that she tried out (AND MADE) honor choir this year! I’m SO extremely excited for her! She’s always singing and performing. She’s tried her little heart out for competition dance and never makes it, I was starting to think she’d quit trying out for things here soon… but she didn’t! Sounds like she’s SUPER excited for this. Apparently, they’re performing next month. I’ll have to look into that so I can take the day off to go see her. :) So proud of her!





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