There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare



It’s been such a beautiful day with people delivering flowers to every room in the school except mine. And the two associates in my room, they DID get flowers- they just grabbed them in the office. #thesingleslife

I was all bitter about it being Valentine’s Day for some odd reason? PMS? I’m not sure. I usually LOVE holidays including Valentine’s Day and go all out, if even just for the girls.

I didn’t do shit this year for Valentine’s Day. Felt a little guilty earlier, so ran to the store quick to get balloons and some cute stuff for the girls as a surprise when they get home. I think they’ll like it. :) Which is great!

Not sure why I’m so pissed about it this year.

Probably because, in all honesty, Kyle SHOULD be acknowledging it’s existence being that I went over to get boxes for the girls from his place and he kept talking and visiting and asking me about my job situation and trying to kiss me. Which is odd that he didn’t just go in for a kiss. But he came right up to me and I said “oh and I’m supposed to just kiss you now, huh” and he said “haven’t you seen hitch?” “Of course I’ve fucking seen hitch, kyle, kevin james is my man….and I know the 90/10 rule. and fuck the 90/10 rule.” and he just laughed and said “alright then..”

I think he was actually rather put on by it, to tell you the truth. But I got up off the floor and said I had to go. (Which I did, I had been there longer than I’d told the girls already- and we had to do Valentine’s still...)

SO THEN that paired with the not being able to just let me go thing….. I don’t know.

I’m just bitter about it.




schencka on

Sometimes V-Day is the worst!

Stay strong!


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