There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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Re: Get Set - yes :) it also makes me more inclined to unpack all my traveling stuff, instead of throwing it…


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observation Stereotypes about a lot of people are really mean. Stereotypes about jewish people…
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5 days ago / @cornholio23 +
No reason to get excited... It’s been years. Politics is driving me slowly into insanity. It is on…
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5 days ago / @eddiec +
Sunday morning.

Lacking motivation to do all those things I said I was going to.


Was laying in bed for like an hour until I heard a deep gravely man voice say my name in my left ear.

No one was in my apartment. Needless to say I was up after that.


So much to do! So little motivation to do it!


Also.. Gonna strangle my sons father because he hasn't given me an answer for when I'm getting my son. If I have to hunt him down I will 100% make sure that douche ends up in jail or worse. 


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6 days ago / @insanereid +
There's nothing like two-day old coffee to start your Sunday. And a paper to match. Imagine sitting in…
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Legendary Musician Chuck Berry Has Died at 90 People Maria Mercedes Lara 7 hours ago …
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(no subject) W hether I'm nutty (which I know and accept) or it's confirmation bias, I tend to notice several…
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