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1. So my birthday weekend was awesome, basically all of my plans pulled through and that was so great. I... 4 hrs ago by hauntedwhisper
Seriously, What the fuck? In August last year I moved into an apartment on the top floor of a house while... 9 hrs ago by xlonerfreakx
Oh anndd... I just found out that my Aunt was supposed to take my Mom to the doctor today for a checkup and... 13 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
family problems Being as polite as possible... Since a few days before my Granny died, I have had a... 15 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
OK, class. Let's say our new word of the day The word of the day is "spoliation." It's a legal term meaning... 16 hrs ago by jacksez
“Do You Know How Many Americans Died . . . Thomas DiLorenzo Lew Rockwell Blog March 30, 2015 . . .... 22 hrs ago by rv1501
Sheriff Blames Obama’s Race Baiting for Police Officer’s Shooting Milwaukee sheriff points finger at... 22 hrs ago by rv1501
No matter what you do He may have lost but I am and always will be a Roman Reigns Girl I feel for him... Yesterday by Saphyra16
Full disclosure Our only cash based welfare system in operation is TANF (discounting disability programs... Yesterday by cornholio23
One of these days I will feel better, one of these days. I'm starting to feel guilty about freaking out... Yesterday by almost23
Who are You by Rebekah Bishop Who are you to tell me what to do? You have no authority over me. I've had... Yesterday by Saphyra16
I Know, I Write a Lot of 'Letters' On Here, But... Dear Alarm Clock, You have ONE JOB . Thanks for making... Yesterday by eje224
23 My birthday was fine. It felt like any other day. I worked 8.5 hours with this pain. And Saturdays are... Yesterday by biblohip
What's my age again? Last night I went to my friend's band show/other friend's surprise birthday party at a... 2 days ago by xlonerfreakx
12/10 short of there being an actual confrontation, it was the worst possible outcome. 2 days ago by morte
(Bad) Dreams Of Traveling I wasn't having the most restful sleep at all last night and had lots of dreams... 2 days ago by resipsaloquitur


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Re: New diet - Keep up the good work!!!! I have been eating only when I'm hungry and I'm down to 184 from...


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