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Fuck street fighter 4 Ive hated this game since 2009. 21 min ago by cornholio23
I get high when I see you go by I've missed this place so much!!!!! So much has happened.......... been... 2 hrs ago by Saphyra16
man, theres so much shit I was gonna blog about.. now I cant think of anything :( 4 hrs ago by cornholio23
http://www.thed... It's good to know I'm not alone. ^_^ 5 hrs ago by deeterz
Turning back the pages After the last outage I finally realized that I need to save some of the old words... 10 hrs ago by eris
I'm ready to gold plate my epi-pen and wear it as a necklace. 10 hrs ago by myspacebarbroke
I wish this site was as properly functional as Facebook is. I really want to blog more but I just figure... 13 hrs ago by freakofnature
Hard to look away You know it's true: you drive past this horrific accident on the highway and, although... 15 hrs ago by jacksez
borderline woes feeling like an idiot for asking family for support. keeping things to yourself because... 17 hrs ago by kingzjewel
FINALLY MINDSAY dang that was a long outage 17 hrs ago by kingzjewel
another day Hooray back to CvICU all day.......we'll see how it goes. I have to sit while dad goes home to... 20 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Its back! Yesterday by cornholio23
oh! I forgot to post about this because I kinda forgot, but it's an absolutely ridiculous story. So, Alex... Yesterday by deeterz
Police and Riots I know I've talked a lot about police in Albuquerque and their use of excessive force, but... Yesterday by deeterz
Harrump, Harrump... Wow! It only took Adam 12 days and 8 emails to get Mindsay back on line!! My guess... Yesterday by rv1501
A thought for the day... This 3 days a week "dressing" change is killing me! I'm good at dressing... Yesterday by rv1501


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Re: I wish this site was as properly functional as Facebook is. - Awwwww, we should email or something or...


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