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adulting so hard other adults respect me it actually wasn't my fault that i didn't receive the packet of... 1 hr ago by morte
i am the only person i know who is literally getting grey hairs thinking about the horror of life, the... 3 hrs ago by attentionreader
I hate this time of year. I just want this week to go away. 11 hrs ago by dudetheregoesmy
Woo! I'm so proud of myself! I had a huuuuuge list of things I needed to do this weekend! fix plumbing... 18 hrs ago by deeterz
the first big mistake the website i need to access for my clearances won't work. & i don't have a... 19 hrs ago by morte
Something other than pure lamentation Read an article about Anita Saarkesian and the struggle she has faced... Yesterday by cactusofdoom
Lines stuck in the hand that pulls the lines out pulling back against the general flow see how far away I... Yesterday by palaceofperseph
victimization that odd moment when someone explains that they are the victim of a scenario where the... Yesterday by morte
Gun control is a dead issue By Washington Examiner 8/28/15 12:01 AM A tourist, lost in the Irish... 2 days ago by rv1501
Milwaukee Sheriff to Obama: Give Up Secret Service... Milwaukee Sheriff to Obama: Give Up Secret Service If... 2 days ago by rv1501
Trig makes less than no sense to me. I hate school. -_- 2 days ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Final Semester of Undergrad Indecisiveness I've been having a lot of trouble deciding which classes to keep... 3 days ago by divine
Windows 10 Windows 10 was supposed to fix everything. I'm stuck testing on Windows 10 for work right now,... 3 days ago by Wishes
Dream Of Starting Undergrad Again I finally got some real sleep after only being able to sleep three hours... 3 days ago by resipsaloquitur
I don't sleep I don't eat I don't live My back is killing me and I have no money. What is this... 3 days ago by xlonerfreakx
People Are Going Crazy Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream August 27, 2015 When even reporters... 3 days ago by rv1501


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Re: - eje224 is right! When I get stuck on a problem like that googling videos helps the most. They'll walk...


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