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But it's summer... So, I may have mentioned or hinted previously that I'm a little bit obsessed with... 2 hrs ago by biblohip
I have the heart of a teenage boy It's in the's double-bagged, so it shouldn't be... 9 hrs ago by masivemaple
Interesting observation Every time I orgasm, I almost pass out. I can't stand up for like 15 minutes. It's... 10 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
stupid dreams A dream i had twins. Paranoid because i feel fat But I've only got a week and a half until i... 10 hrs ago by insanereid
I'm thinking about it Chances are that I won't do it, mind you, but at least I'm thinking about it. In... 10 hrs ago by masivemaple
Here's a lesson to all you kids: DON'T GO TO COLLEGE. It is the biggest waste of your time and future... 11 hrs ago by daisyofthedead
You know what I miss. Having a subscription for DVD's from blockbuster. I would brows through movies and... 12 hrs ago by c4fine13u22
I want to finish my book someday. 16 hrs ago by myspacebarbroke
Sisters at Heart by Rebekah Bishop No matter where we go, You'll always be my sister And I will always... 20 hrs ago by Saphyra16
Student Loans I got my packet in the mail today from Sallie Mae. Yes, packet. I have spent a couple of days... 21 hrs ago by chel2thec KWENTO May mga kwentong malungkot ang wakas, Samantalang meron namang ni hindi man lang nasimulan, Ni... Yesterday by freeverse520 DUGTUNGAN Meron akong kwento Tungkol sa dalawang tao Na pinagtagpo ng tadhana Sa panahing hindi... Yesterday by freeverse520 LUNOD Hindi ko magawang sumulat Kapag nalulunod ako sa lungkot: Hindi sapat ang mga salita Para... Yesterday by freeverse520 THE 3RD INSTALLMENT 1 st was when we’re too young, And we didn’t know a lot: We were kids trying to... Yesterday by freeverse520 TAGSIBOL Pagkatapos ng taglagas, Muling mamumukadkad Ang mga bulaklak, Muling yayabong ang mga... Yesterday by freeverse520 SI POLET, BOW Mahilig sa pusa Pero ang pusa nya, may identity crisis – Akala niya piglet siya At... Yesterday by freeverse520

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Re: Pit stop. - He could probably just lift my bf over his head and scare him straight!


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