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A thought for the day... Two wrongs do not make a right... It usually takes three or more! 50 min ago by rv1501
Dream Of Funeral In Another Language Last night I was having all sorts of dreams. In one of the later ones,... 3 hrs ago by resipsaloquitur
一般é... 很少å... 昨天æ... 我的å... 看到æ... 首先æ... ... 9 hrs ago by cathy
Beautiful "If you only listen with your ears, I can't get in" 11 hrs ago by mel674
I'm finally seeing a therapist again I need one because of this whole ex situation. What with the deception... 14 hrs ago by cactusofdoom
So Mayo Clinic called today and I have lots of appointments booked for the 19th through the 23rd and... 17 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
*Clunk!* More excavations over the weekend, and partway through Saturday morning my shovel went *clunk*... 17 hrs ago by smallsouldier
the bitching here are these 2-3 days a month where i cannot feel empathy or compersion except violently,... 21 hrs ago by morte
A thought for the day... Here's a novel idea... Instead of passing MORE USELESS gun laws, that will... Yesterday by rv1501
travel back in time... with drinks!! I was reading a book the other day (White Noise by Don Delillo) and... Yesterday by palaceofperseph
Mellow Not much going on here, things are pretty mellow (though still overwhelmed by schoolwork). We went... Yesterday by deeterz
I need a cwtch. He's going to be here in 16 more sleeps. I'm freakin out, dude. I'm so happy and in fucking... Yesterday by deadite
Here one minute, Gone the next.. Help! 2 days ago by robot2
So, I quit my job on Friday. I handed in my two weeks, but my boss won't get it until Monday (I honestly... 2 days ago by americancer
Well, well, well... Hello everyone. So, for about five months now, I have had what I thought was an... 3 days ago by tiredchild
Mitchell has been back in Iowa this week, and even though I've loved having the house to myself, I've been... 3 days ago by chel2thec

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Re: A thought for the day... - What if three or more isn't enough? :P


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