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BOOM BOOM BOOM The Little Terrorist Bitch (dog) watched the fireworks tonight - and enjoyed them! The... 1 hr ago by rv1501
The other side of the 4th 15 hrs ago by masivemaple
felt like writing random shit again. :D Candy colored oceans roll Waves against the blue night sky We're... 17 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Hillary’s secret war Clinton approved arms for terrorist enemies of the United States By Andrew P.... Yesterday by rv1501
Speculative Terror Threats Now Routine in America Every holiday serves as an advertisement for the war on... Yesterday by rv1501
well that sucked So I'm all healthy and ready to move on right? So I went on a few dates. At the beginning... Yesterday by c4fine13u22
Seriously. How does this happen so fast. Everything. Life. Got out of school. Had some outside fun with... 2 days ago by almost23
There are a lot of "Davis"s in Kentucky. I never cease to be amazed by the human desire to hurt each-other. 2 days ago by deeterz
Bachelor/Bachel... Party! For funsies, for our bachelor/bachel... party Alex and I went to a local... 2 days ago by deeterz
Sss Sssome sssnakesss ssslipped into the houssse and essstablished themssselvesss on a window ledge.... 2 days ago by masivemaple
I would LOVE to go to Lake Lanier for the 4th. FWIIW... fireworks don't start until the END of the Johnny... 2 days ago by palaceofperseph
Black Teacher in Ohio Slaps Disabled White Student... Black Teacher in Ohio Slaps Disabled White Student... 2 days ago by rv1501
FBI Exploits Baseless 4th of July Terror Threat to Establish “Command Centers” Kurt Nimmo 2 days ago by rv1501
Katy Perry Somehow I failed to realize "Wide Awake" was sung by Katy Perry despite having heard it tens of... 2 days ago by Wishes
Huh, this place is still here... Well, I guess I'll start with the fact that we'll be moving sooninsh.... 2 days ago by iverness63
昨天å... 過了ä... :P 去年ä... 但地é... 去年æ... ... 2 days ago by cathy


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