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cigar stuff, and manliness Drew estate cigars is selling out to swisher. Yeah, swisher. the ones who make... 1 hr ago by cornholio23
Alex's dad has ran off again, probably off to have another mid-life crisis in Europe. At least he didn't... 3 hrs ago by deeterz
not "curvy" I've written before about body image and whatnot. Everyone has read a billion things about it... 13 hrs ago by biblohip
Going Nowhere FAST ... I have been updating my career skills. Literally anything to do with Excel or... 15 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Boomer Blues I feel slightly jaunty today and I don't know why. A potentially bothersome storm approaches... 19 hrs ago by dismh8
I feel like there is no reason to be homesick. I want to go away forever. Yesterday by dudetheregoesmy
The trees like torches, blazed with light I'm still irate and hurt. I also feel betrayed by what happened. Yesterday by Saphyra16
smarts I used to be as smart as people think I am. Yesterday by kingzjewel
Learn, cont. - Eat a meal and be done with it Yesterday by hauntedwhisper
To go or not to go... Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is under fire for repeating a Fox News report, later... Yesterday by jacksez
Coming Home Hi long-lost friends, I have returned once a gain. I have challenges to overcome now and... 2 days ago by leedman
I see no reason to change mine Out of respect for my Twin, I will not divulge details about what she and I... 2 days ago by Saphyra16
watching old nick stuff and watched "figure it out" Its weird seeing one of your first crushes again. 2 days ago by cornholio23
Deflate this Good grief. Some of the Patriot's footballs were found to have less air pressure in them than... 2 days ago by jacksez
The mountain smoked beneath the moon To whom it may concern (this cretin knows who he is): You foul,... 2 days ago by Saphyra16
Mid-Term Honestly, it's a little disappointing when it's January and you realize a colleague STILL confuses... 2 days ago by 1styearteacher


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Re: not "curvy" - I hate wearing dresses, I don't like how they look on me because I'm so short 5'1. And As...


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