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Ugh Getting so Fucking sick of having to do everything. I'm supposed to call this guy and set up a... 38 min ago by insanereid
Toddler Picks Apples,Falls Then Thanks The Tree This little toddlers goes picking apples and pulling apples... 2 hrs ago by dorisanne
WTH? Ok so this summer has been the worst summer ever because I had to rely on him. Due to the fact of me... 6 hrs ago by whatsinthere
Why the Frick me part two... DANG HIM DANG HIM DANG HIM AND DANG HIM SOME MORE!!!! Why does he have to be... 8 hrs ago by Saphyra16
why the FRICK me?! WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!!? I am going to take a certain someone's HEAD and shove the dang... 8 hrs ago by Saphyra16
I have an interview on Friday for a job that could really change my life.... I'm excited & very... 10 hrs ago by bluejeanqueen
God is a word not a NAME OF A ENTITY! The Ancient Greek Letters Show This! smell the sweet roses in my... 14 hrs ago by rsuite
rosaline: a lace with rose designs my name rosaline is a actual word. PRONOUNCED rozalen A lace with rose... 15 hrs ago by rsuite
thickeningthe air I'm breathing Got the drug test done today, thank the universe. Now, I'm just waiting on... 16 hrs ago by biblohip
A thought for the day... One of Joan Rivers last "parting shots"... When asked whether she thought a... 18 hrs ago by rv1501
Obama’s ‘We Underestimated Isis’ Comments Blown Away By US Intel Officials House Intelligence... 18 hrs ago by rv1501
A little help needed hrtr... After X+ decades of using IE, I'm getting tired of nags telling me my web... 19 hrs ago by rv1501
Hello, Fall 2014! Ahoy, there!! Okay, so I completely stopped writing for about 4 months. Not sure what... Yesterday by karamac
Besides living alone for the first time and being burnt out from school and work and not being close to my... Yesterday by divine
Memento Mori Living on my own has had an interested affect (effect? I dunno - I've only been in college for... Yesterday by divine
Chapter One: Lilith Nocturnus came running into the room where her twin sister, Saphyra, was reading a... Yesterday by SaphyraW316


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Re: You guys are special - i am a very horrible person/friend for just now watching this. i'm sorry :( but...


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