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A day in the life of... Wake up at 7. Get text that the kitten you were going to foster has passed away. Go... 3 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
I took my boards today, and couldn't be more excited to announce that I PASSED!!! I studied my f-ing ass... 23 hrs ago by chel2thec
School Expels 12-year-old Cancer Survivor for Missing Too Many Days “I didn’t do anything wrong, but... 23 hrs ago by rv1501
Judge: Obama’s Drone Strikes Are “War Crime” POTUS acting as judge, jury and executioner Steve... Yesterday by rv1501
Ron Paul: Obama 'literally assassinated' Americans in airstrikes By Ben Kamisar April 24,... Yesterday by rv1501
just complaining about the animals so driveshaft gets antibiotics every day, in the morning & evening.... Yesterday by morte my earliest memories hiding on the floor of my mothers bedroom in the dark, nightmare-shock... &... Yesterday by morte
Who even gives a shit? I had relationship problems that culminated in my partner breaking up with me. Old... Yesterday by IndigoCharm
28 days and 15 hours until my wedding! Alex and I may be getting a puppy tomorrow! Yesterday by deeterz
2008 Out the Wazoo! The only Quickbooks test on my job site is Quickbooks 2008. I have studied a couple of... 2 days ago by palaceofperseph
lessons I was watching Glee the other day, and during a duet, my boyfriend walked in. He said "see, if I... 2 days ago by biblohip
No dark sarcasm in the classroom I love this logo I walk this trail all the time 2 days ago by Saphyra16
A Thought For The Day... Why aren't all these "protesters" in Baltimore, MD at work?! If it's because... 2 days ago by rv1501
#EagleStrong "This is the greatest university in America because of its people. Eagle Nation is a family" -... 2 days ago by xRainbows4eveRx
calm before the storm it's a quarter of 3 in the morning and i should be asleep. tomorrow is the most... 3 days ago by attentionreader
Amazing One of the best things I have seen in my life. 3 days ago by mel674

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Re: - I meant it in a "he can go fuck off" sort of way, but you're right about that, too. Fucking for...


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