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sienna's got girl scouts tonight. she's been skating with friends here in town. kevin's coming over later.... 7 hrs ago by almost23
I am in a bad mood. For no particularly good reason. And that makes it worse. 12 hrs ago by fwiffo
SMH I think I've looked up what that means before, but I forgot. And I'm too lazy to look it up again, so... 18 hrs ago by IndigoCharm
It's been a looong time It's been a while since I've fixed up my makeup and taken pictures of myself. I... 21 hrs ago by deeterz
Cognitive Dissonance Or what I like to refer to as: the reason for those lies we tell ourselves. I am not... 22 hrs ago by c4fine13u22
lost for words Purple Clover . "There's this youth culture that is really, really powerful and really,... Yesterday by actonesceneone
New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog Joshua Krause The Daily... Yesterday by rv1501
Two Cops Hold Down 110 lb College Student, While Third Cop Releases K-9... Two Cops Hold Down 110 lb... Yesterday by rv1501
Special Report: Vaccine Death Toll Rises CDC refuses to revise vaccine guidelines as it runs cover for big... Yesterday by rv1501
After Crying “Conspiracy Theory,” CNN Touts North American Union Alex Newman New American January 30,... Yesterday by rv1501
Police Label Hippy Group Whose Message Is “Peace & Love” ‘Domestic Extremists’ Cops seek DHS grant... Yesterday by rv1501
I casually mentioned that Bill Clinton played the saxophone on arsenio halls show.. People thought I was... Yesterday by cornholio23
Then, things like today (like other random moments scattered here and there throughout the years) remind... 2 days ago by almost23
discoveries I've noticed things lately. None of these things are really related at all, but they're... 2 days ago by biblohip
Troublesome. To say the least. I have recently had a job-switch, and instead of my vocational students, I... 2 days ago by eje224
handbook I wish someone would write a handbook on how guys brains work. I mean seriously. I think I've got... 2 days ago by yalcrab


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