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Something is fishy.. 5 min ago by ontheway
I have a name for a couple of days now. It was this teenager at my school. I must find. I have a feeling... 2 hrs ago by ontheway
I have a name for 2-3 days now. I must find. I have a feeling I've been taken to this before. Why have I... 2 hrs ago by ontheway
There has been love. And I've been too stupid. My own feelings are killing me now. Someone, please, kill... 3 hrs ago by ontheway
I brutally failed my physics test Wednesday. That's okay, though, because everyone else did, too. I have a... 6 hrs ago by deeterz
Gleaming. Hi everyone! Close to Valentine's Day ;} woohoo! I am looking forward to this long weekend and... 11 hrs ago by americancer
I hate ex's. Seriously. Get a life and move on. Find someone who actually wants you. 14 hrs ago by insanereid
Conversations that stick with you over the years; insignificant as they may have been then. There's power... 19 hrs ago by almost23
I want to know the truth because I feel like I have nothing. Yesterday by ontheway
damn. that felt good. [writing] i suppose it might not feel that great tomorrow morning. i've been... Yesterday by almost23
I am a mess. I feel sick. Among all of my visions there is one that told me I have a son. I just want to... Yesterday by ontheway
Essay #1 The More I See, The Less I Know Why Korea Needs To Happen Again By: Ashley Becker I... Yesterday by almost23
By request I was showing MindSay off to a friend last night. I miss it. Always loved that escape key... Yesterday by dustball
ITS ALIVE Yesterday by Smurfy
I took A very flattering drivers license photo. The rest of the day doesn't matter, thats enough to put me... Yesterday by cornholio23
My coworker is proofreading an essay for a high school student taking some college course. A persuasive... Yesterday by almost23


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