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ALL YOUR COMMENTS/COMPLA... ARE BELONGING TO ME I am ( dustball approved) in charge of keeping a list of... 1 hr ago by hauntedwhisper
Fuck Cupid and his stupid arrows A year ago I was in love on Valentines with a man I hadn't yet realized... 7 hrs ago by c4fine13u22
Please wake me up. 8 hrs ago by ontheway
Happy Valentine's Day! <3 9 hrs ago by smileymaryx3
All this class consciousness as bernie gets more popular is making my cold, dark, commie heart grew 3... 12 hrs ago by cornholio23
Aww! So Sweet! What a great gesture from a young man. This is the kind of thing all the recipients, first... 14 hrs ago by eje224
Anime Running I always giggle at the way characters run in anime, with their arms thrown backwards. Have... 16 hrs ago by deeterz
I'm competent enough on piano to chord stuff.. Major achievement for me. So I'm happy. :3 17 hrs ago by cornholio23
Blurryface My new favorite song. Has been playing non-stop over here in Mountain View, CA. 18 hrs ago by dustball
So in an update, it turns out that the reason my tax return hasn't arrived yet is because its apparently... Yesterday by noodle32
I am starting to blog to "everybody" now that Mindsay is opening up again. I am so excited! Yesterday by cas
I need both hands I'd decided a bit ago that I'm not going to get any more tattoos until I'm in grooming... Yesterday by biblohip
Memory It's weird just how much I don't remember. There is a lot of high school I don't remember. The only... Yesterday by deeterz
What is reality? Where is reality? I feel so lost. Please help me. Yesterday by ontheway
There have been people, strangers helping me in life. Helping to see the truth, i think. Please come... Yesterday by ontheway
I am ready to be healthy again. Yesterday by ontheway


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