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Need research help on a story.... If there are any Veterinarians out there who could answer a few questions... 50 min ago by teaglewriter3
fuck I think I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. He has my car under his name and on his insurance.... 52 min ago by a1isha
Word has it that a regular at McDonald's passed away. I can't seem to find an obituary... He was the only... 1 hr ago by insanereid
DATE ON SATURDAY DATE ON SATURDAY DATE ON SATURDAY. lol. and the way things are going, it won't be my... 5 hrs ago by almost23
Nasty, brutish and artsy? Neanderthal hashtag engraving found By Sharon Begley of Reuters 22 hr ago ... 6 hrs ago by rv1501
odds & ends All from the past few days and signifying very little except playing around with ideas and phra 7 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Woah am I aggitated today. Day 1 of Aunt Flo, exhausted, annoyed with work, and really wanting a new... 10 hrs ago by bluejeanqueen
when you're cold and have a cold and breathing just hurts. is it a headache, eyeache, or sinusache??... 12 hrs ago by almost23
Nostalgia... I miss the beautifulness of mindsay all all the effort I used to put here. But still, I have... 16 hrs ago by helendaysauce
Return of the Grind Last month I accepted a full time teaching position after taking a slight hiatus from... 17 hrs ago by whatsinthere
Ahhh. The end always has to justify the means. That means that if I start myself on a schedule, begin eati 20 hrs ago by xhostile17x I don't even know. I've been so scared to open up a wordpad file, put on a playlist of music, and just type... 20 hrs ago by xhostile17x Am I back? I want to be back. i hope I'm back. 20 hrs ago by xhostile17x
Homeland Security Agent Harasses Dad For Taking Pictures of His Own Daughters DHS employee gets off on... 20 hrs ago by rv1501
I just don't know what to say to him. Unbelievable. He just pretends he did nothing wrong. Like he didn't... Yesterday by DarkSalem
At last So, I'm here. Moved in on Friday, just as planned. So far, it's been good, but I'm always a little... Yesterday by biblohip


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Re: 20 years ago PA was stuck in the 70s - But I already go 70-75 anywhere the limit is posted at 65...


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