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Le Sigh fingers poised on the keyboard, mind racing almost out of control. the thoughts are incessant and... 2 hr ago by nissala22
we made pizza & watched hocus pocus. now we're going to watch the halloween tree. this is decidedly... 6 hrs ago by morte
Everybody is doing fun things for halloween And Im sitting here playing video games. ... I don't... 7 hrs ago by cornholio23
This is the only song that works anymore Happy fucking Halloween. 7 hrs ago by masivemaple
Happy Halloween everyone! I close at TB tonight so I won't be celebrating but I'll put on my annual kitty... 9 hrs ago by freakofnature
It was a graveyard smash Happy Halloween, My Pretties!!!! *evil witch cackle* 12 hrs ago by Saphyra16
The dead start to walk in their masquerade Happy Halloween to all! 12 hrs ago by XxDangerousxX
I'm over trying to celebrate any holiday this year. I requested this weekend off because i thought Maybe we... 12 hrs ago by insanereid
the softest dream A dude showed up in my dream last night and just hung out with me while I waited for the... 13 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
*Playing creepyOrgan music* I went for a walk today, haha 15 hrs ago by Saphyra16
SENSING........... the sensing of THINGS from my magic extra senses...that's all...referred to as now an... 16 hrs ago by rsuite
What is Confidence To ME! Confidence is not about looking in the mirror and saying you're pretty it's... 17 hrs ago by rsuite
Psalm 27:4 "The one thing I ask of the Lord— the thing I seek most— is to live in the house of the... 17 hrs ago by ladylily
Attitude is what the personality is. Temper is the mood/emotion. Attitude is what the personality is.... 18 hrs ago by rsuite
A TEAM! A team is a group of people that have to achieve a common goal together and that's all a team is.... 18 hrs ago by rsuite
Irritating Thought Created Because Of Irritating Persons...[basic sense blog] -some are good at being... 18 hrs ago by rsuite


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