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Southern Kind Of Tragic Blowin' In. I'm not even sure how long Mindsay will last at this point, but I still... 5 hrs ago by onemomentolive
Zero Point Leadership 800x600 The January 29, 2015, episode of American Heroes... 8 hrs ago by onlinejustice
You'll never by Rebekah Bishop You'll never know, All the pain you put her through. You'll never see, All... 9 hrs ago by SaphyraW316
Being able to log in to mindsay has been such a good feeling. I hope that this continues, because I truly... 10 hrs ago by chel2thec "There is Wabbits in Heaven" Added: Tuesday, December 16th 2014 at 8:03pm by Eaglewriter3 Category:... 11 hrs ago by teaglewriter3
I tried to look the other way but I couldn't turn around Andre got me a Faried Jersey for Christmas and I'm... 11 hrs ago by Saphyra16
Home is behind, the world ahead Loads of things have happened since I last posted on here: I'm no longer... 11 hrs ago by Saphyra16
America Unearthed One of my new favorite tv shows is America Unearthed. Although he does get a bit over... 15 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
Tattoo Zoo: A Novel of the Afghan War 800x600 The January 22, 2015, episode of American... 16 hrs ago by onlinejustice
PTSD Awareness and Support 800x600 The January 15, 2015, episode of American Heroes Radio features a... 19 hrs ago by onlinejustice
Joining the Service In highschool I took the ASVAB (mostly just because a guy I liked was taking it) and... 20 hrs ago by k10
Last 3 for the slam: Invasion Get out your ink... notes on me, write it down but then I may shed my... 21 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
k10 Things 10 Things I Accomplished in 2014 I came into my own and became the strong independent woman I... 23 hrs ago by k10
Frat houses DJing in frat houses is not worth it. Words cannot explain how much I hate college children,... 23 hrs ago by cornholio23
I am intoxicated.. For fuck sake... My roommate is being a pain in the ass... Anyway, I just want to kind... Yesterday by pyroman69
since the outage Damn, I've missed this. I've needed this. I'm just so happy right now. Anyway, ny... Yesterday by biblohip


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